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Absorption tower

Product overview

The equipment uses the packed tower for purifying the exhaust gas treatment is suitable for continuous and intermittent emissions; simple process, management, operation and maintenance is convenient, will not have any effect on the workshop production; for a wide range of simultaneous purification of various pollutants; low pressure drop, high operating flexibility, and has the fog performance in addition to good; the tower body can be used according to the actual situation of FRP/PP/PVC and other materials; Bauer ring filler with high efficiency and low resistance, can thoroughly remove the smell of gas, and other harmful substances. Structure: This equipment is divided and Twin Towers single tower, with a circular tower.

Structure: This equipment is divided and Twin Towers single tower. The circular tower body, and connected with the flange section. The liquid storage tank, a tower body, inlet section, the spray layer, a filling layer, cyclone fog, wind cone cap, view inspection holes etc..

Applications: this process and equipment can be widely used in chemical, electronics, metallurgy, electroplating, textile (chemical fiber), food, machinery manufacturing and other industries in the process of emissions of acid and alkaline waste gas purification treatment. Such as seasoning food, acid, acid pickling, electroplating, electrolysis, battery etc..

The working principle of dry adsorption tower工作原理.jpg

Uniform distribution of wind into the inside from the dome of the tower body external exhaust gas into the tower, the tower airflow through the internal filler adsorption bed, harmful chemicals in the air by adsorption, clean air from the air outlet discharge condensate water column generated by the liquid collecting tank and a drainage tube discharge tower. Dry adsorption tower structure and characteristics


1, has a strong purification efficiency up to 95%. The corrosion resistance is strong, durable.

2, low noise, reduction of circulating water pump, no rotating parts. The wind resistance is small, usually in the 196 - 294Pa, 20-30 mm of water purification, empty tower tower high speed, small size.

WYB series glass steel mist absorption tower is the relative flow of water and acid containing gas diffusion between the absorption phenomenon of the substance exchange between them. The larger the spray intensity and multi-level filler can increase the contact between the two; spray height is enough, can guarantee the acid containing gas has enough time in the tower, so the tower can be higher than that of the other purification equipment purifying effect, high purification efficiency up to 95%.

WYB series glass steel mist absorption tower has the advantages of small volume, strong corrosion resistance, long service life, low noise (except the circulating pump no rotating parts), wind resistance is small, usually in the 196-294Pa range (20-30 mm water column) etc..


WYB series glass steel composition: acid fog absorption tower comprises a tower body (including sink), filler and spray device (including circulating pump), four partial dehydration layer etc..

1, tower:

The surface of the tower body with composite corrosion resistance, water erosion of the resin processing, intermediate multilayer without alkali glass cloth and according to the different requirements of the unsaturated polyester resin composition, determined by thickness of layers.
The external surface of the tower with water resistance, anti aging aging gel coat resin surface layer in the middle layer (layer strength) and between the inner and outer surface without alkali untwisted square as the filter layer anti aging muslin.

The tower body can according to the request, in the field or sectioned, bonded with flange connection.

2, packing:

Polypropylene (with tower equipped)

3, spray device

The corrosion resistance of spray nozzle (or porous coil type sprinkler pipe, circulating pump), etc..

4, removal of water

Water is composed of two layers except placed by orthogonal (with tower equipped).



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