Glass steel cooling tower for major industrial gently repeatedly water device

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Glass steel cooling tower for major industrial gently repeatedly water device

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Glass steel cooling tower according to water, atmosphere is in the packing with respect to the flow of glass steel cooling tower backflow type dividends and crosscurrent two categories, the style is a circular, square. Counterflow and crossflow cooling tower have advantages and deficiencies, in general, noise, flow type cooling tower with respect to a little; repair place, crossflow cooling tower demolition packing can be cleaned, motor, glass steel cooling tower fan disassembly convenient in use; if the nature of construction of air deployment, can choose the crossflow cooling tower, low noise, covers an area of small size, easy to check and repair; if lightly industrial, is recommended to choose counterflow cooling tower, because winter ice will run a crossflow cooling tower filler, simple cover.

Glass steel cooling tower manufacturing process cooling tower is a major industrial gently repeatedly water device, it uses difference temperature of atmosphere and water of two kinds of media through direct contact and indirect contact to reduce the water temperature to be repeatedly water wrist. Glass steel cooling tower is simple and convenient, strict construction work, good corrosion resistance, low price, high cost of light strength, after the advent of the rapid replacement of wood, steel, reinforced concrete, not data of cooling tower. Glass steel cooling tower has repeatedly change the only cooling facilities of water, glass steel cooling tower and glass steel industry production changes gently styling products one of the number one.

Along with the industrialization society did not break the lightly degraded, glass steel cooling tower is used in industry gently is more and more broad, many companies are consuming in operation course selection using FRP cooling tower. Glass steel cooling tower for a non terminal can be used by the number of units is to cover the low cost and the benefit is tall, it is time to use the basic needs no big screen. So why the glass cooling tower cover cost will be relatively low?

1, glass steel cooling tower itself is a rust proof experience, later will not have at this output.
The antifouling performance of 2 glass steel cooling tower, there will often do the dirty.
3, glass steel cooling tower frost resistance, wearing resistance and corrosion resistance, with long service life.

A summary of the above form, we can easily see that the use of FRP cooling tower without special management, cover, and non-metallic cooling tower can save about 70 of spending by more than one hundred percent.

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