Types of glass steel cooling tower of aury

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Types of glass steel cooling tower of aury

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A cooling tower

In 1, the water tower, water from top to bottom, bottom to the air, instead of a cooling tower.

2, countercurrent cooling tower thermal performance, divided into three cooling section:

The water distributor to fill the top of this space, the water temperature is high, so will the heat to the air.

The filling water and air heat exchange section.

The packing to the sump space water, water cooling in this segment is called "tail". In the north of China's water temperature can be decreased by 1-2 C. In summary, countercurrent tubby in the case of a crossflow cooling tower, about 20% small packing volume, countercurrent tower heat exchange process more reasonable high cooling efficiency.

3, the water distribution system is not easy to be blocked, water drenching fillers to keep clean and easy to aging, moisture flow is small, antifreeze ice measures more easily. The combination design can be more than one, in winter water required with a single operation or stopping all the wind turbines.

4 construction and installation, easy maintenance, low cost, commonly used in air conditioning and large and medium-sized industrial circulating cooling water.

Two, Mitsubishi Electric crossflow cooling tower

L, water in Mitsubishi electric cooling tower, water from top to bottom, air from the tower outside the tower to the horizontal flow of a cooling tower is perpendicular. Commonly used in noise requirements strictly in the residential area, is the cooling tower used in air-conditioning industry. Advantages: energy saving, low pressure, small wind resistance, configuration of low-speed motor, no dripping noise and wind noise, convenient packing and maintenance of water distribution system.

2, with the foundation of a building shape arbitrarily placed, single or multiple cooling tower respectively according to the temperature required for the start-up.

3, it should be noted that: the framework to 40% heat exchange when the filler volume should be more easy to aging, with holes, filler blocking, anti icing is not good, high moisture reflux. Cross tower advantage is the disadvantage of countercurrent tower.

Three, spraying ventilation cooling tower without ryoden

The spray nozzle is installed in the unique cooling tower inlet at the upper part of the bottom, there is no air spray spin motor and top exhaust in two ways. The hot water through the nozzle internal rotation when generated within the rotary manifold into fine mist of spray mist to spray on the downstream, fall down two counter current cooling aging. Spray evenly without hollow phenomenon, stable cooling effect, low power consumption, water rate of 0.01%, no filler, low cost and long service life, meet the national standard GB7190.1-1997. The use of the scope of metallurgy, food, chemical industry, high turbidity, high temperature, corrosion of cooling tower.

Four, Mitsubishi Electric closed cooling tower

1, closed cooling tower is a kind of deformation and development of the traditional cooling tower. It is actually an evaporative cooling tower, a cooler and a cooling tower combination, it is a horizontal evaporative cooling towers, the process fluid flow in the tube, the air flow in the tube, the two do not contact. The bottom of the tower pool water circulating pump, sent to the outer tube is sprayed evenly down. Do not contact with the process of hot water or refrigerant fluid and air outside the tube, a closed cooling tower, the heat transfer effect by spraying water.

2, applicable to all kinds of closed cooling tower cooling system of circulating water quality requirements are relatively high, has the application prospect in electric power, chemical industry, iron and steel, food and many industrial sectors. On the other hand, compared with the air cooling heat exchanger, evaporative cooling tower with the lower side of the tube latent heat of evaporation of water, the air side heat transfer and mass transfer was enhanced significantly, but also has obvious advantages.

Closed type cooling tower (also called evaporative air cooler) will be placed inside the tube type heat exchanger, ensuring the cooling effect through the circulation of air, water and circulating water heat exchange. Because it is a closed cycle, which can ensure the water quality from pollution, good protection of the main equipment operating efficiency, improve the service life. The outside temperature is low, can stop the water spraying system, which plays the effect of water saving. Push the implementation of the national energy-saving emission reduction policies and the increasing scarcity of water resources, in recent years the closed cooling tower has been widely used in iron and steel metallurgy, power electronics, machinery processing, air-conditioning systems and other industries. Northern winter temperatures are often below zero, closed cooling tower with antifreeze operation problems have become increasingly prominent, if the solution is not good, may freeze tube heat exchanger or other parts of cooling tower. According to the different characteristics of the process, some of the closed cooling tower in winter running all day long, some time, some almost not. But the need to consider the problem of antifreeze.

If the closed cooling tower in winter do not need to run, stop, to spray water and internal circulating water emptying. Ebara Corporation CXW series cooling tower adopts three-dimensional inclined structure in heat exchanger design, to ensure the smooth and clean water emptying. The heat exchanger is arranged at the top of the valve structure, when necessary, can pass into the compressed air assisted evacuation.

Closed type cooling tower, also known as closed cooling tower, evaporative cooler.

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