Cross flow type cooling tower glass steel products which work expertise

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Cross flow type cooling tower glass steel products which work expertise

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Cross flow type glass steel cooling tower heat atmosphere exhausted into the outside of the tower. Packing that uses both sides with convex points through the wave plate, the mounting head makes a point of completion to backward wave plate bonding, just, bump sides can prevent direct drop of water, because of the backward water film is formed, filler is arranged at the tail part of collecting water treatment.

Cross flow type cooling tower glass steel products which work at?

1, saving time, light structure

That appropriate and efficient use of heat for the cooling tower series of preset exchange filler, size greatly regress the heat transfer area, and the original HBLD series and HBLCD series by its large size to cover margin decline, because of the structural design and optimization that uses steel structure the weight is greatly reduced, operation.

2, cross flow type glass steel cooling tower to save electricity

That uses small resistance and filler secretly revealed by the Tsinghua University for the wing type glass steel cooling tower fan preset, thus reduces the motor power with ultra low tone music that uses the power of the motor is smaller, more economical power, cross flow type glass steel cooling tower can also be based on user requirements. Equipped with double speed motor power.

3, very low noise operation

That uses Tsinghua University designed for cooling tower and low noise axial preset FRP wing data flow fan and cooling tower designed for preset low noise motor, thus reducing the running noise of ice tower. Ultra low noise series of cooling tower operation noise is lower, all aspects of environmentally friendly. If equipped with double speed motor, the night is running at low speed, but also make music and then fade 2-3dB (A), the user demand is double speed motor should order separate requirement.

4, excellent corrosion resistance

FRP crossflow cooling tower body, sink and panel that uses deposit are excellent corrosion resistant performance of the FRP data, and is in stable and bright natural resin coating agent, deposit is excellent anti-aging properties, durability without discoloration. Steel tower structure is a process that uses galvanized disposal, regress the corrosion resistance of the cooling tower, it is normal use life, so no antiseptic.

5, convenient to

Can think appropriate and use to form no consensus in the same condition, the user can also be based on site conditions and will suspend things together, can be based on the user's unique archway place, arrange disposal of cross flow type cooling tower of glass fiber reinforced plastics appearance. If the user site very limited. My enterprise can also for special requirements on the user's suspension of quasi default, desirable customer requirements for thermal energy performance and noise.

6, convenient cover

This series of cooling tower for cooling tower adjacent to preset type, room atmosphere can be separated from each other, the premise is the normal operation of the cooling tower, stop cover check repair, cleaning, packing responsibility Lek water tube and a water box more convenient.

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