How do the glass and steel corrosion

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How do the glass and steel corrosion

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1, substrate processing

A flat shovel, steel wire brush will corrosion layer peeling, until no loose, with dilute alkaline wash and rinse with water, rinse with hot water better. Then the high grade cement mortar corrosion layer repair. If you need to corrosion to steel, welding reinforcement, concrete repair mortar. The maintenance of concrete and mortar after the completion of sampling water, when the water depth of concrete 20 R am less than 6, which can be used in the next step if it is to repair, can be adopted in electric furnace heating and evaporation of water to pass, or with quick drying cement, resin mortar repair. Qualified water content in concrete, with a wire brush, grinding wheel, sand the surface of slag, sand, lime, release agent to polish, will highlight the corners or ground into small fillet.

The new matrix is directly testing the water content rate, after passing the grinding process. If the substrate has steel parts, should be derusted

2, Liao drama compound generally uses the underlying epoxy resin adhesive material of strong adhesion, the content of diluent is lining rubber thinner than 1 times or more, respectively, brushing two times, to fully penetrate and anchored in the concrete surface.

3, scraping greasy rubber to block when the primer is cured with a knife or wipe greasy in the small block to scrape greasy in the rubber material, the base is uneven or concave smooth fill. Will be put into small rounded corner. Greasy in the rubber surface require smooth, not too rough. Greasy in the rubber and rubber lining to support. Preparation of furan mastic powder furan, unsaturated resin with epoxy glue on dung greasy, greasy in the rubber material available phenolic phenolic epoxy can be greasy in the rubber material, modified by preparation of modified rubber powder and good proportioning.

4, interlining

According to the temperature and humidity of preparation of rubber, not too much can be prepared once, lest too late application;

Brush the surface matrix coated rubber lining, will cut a good glass fiber cloth or blanket affixed to the top, with a scraper scraping, brush or roller to dip glue coating to penetrate, and out of the bubble from the middle to both sides, no wrinkles and spots. Each can be affixed to a layer, can also be posted 2 ~ 4 layer, phenolic, furan class but the curing process with small molecule precipitation, should be used, each line discontinuity method, a layer of cloth. A layer of cloth after curing, polishing repair and scraping Portsmouth greasy in the rubber material after lining a layer of cloth

5, the surface layer of rubber material to be stripped down lining cloth or mat to the specified number, surface repair after curing, grinding to remove burrs, bubbles where patching after brushing glue two times. If you need to very bright surface, which is coated with rubber paint glass steel surface tightly with polyester film, scraping bubble to be cured by the scraper after uncovering the film, surface smooth.

6, the number of design considerations of external force and sharp collision by village, electrolytic tank, glass steel cloth into 8 layers. General storage cylinder, beam, column and plate column and foundation for the 2 ~ 4 layer. The corner and other stress concentrated or susceptible to local collision can strengthen an additional layer.

7, material selection

The reinforced fiber material. No alkali, twist free wax is generally used in plain glass cloth. The first layer with a thin glass fiber cloth or gauze, the middle layer with thick as 0.2 r am, 0.4 r am, the last layer is made of thin and dense (latitude larger) glass fiber cloth. Can also use glass fiber and glass fiber cloth, but should be equipped with sandwich. As for the corrosive medium is hydrofluoric acid, polyester fiber cloth;

Use the powder generally cast stone powder and quartz powder, some places with graphite powder, diatomite etc.. Y J is the furan powder for matching supply;

The performance of different types of resin acid, when used according to the specific circumstances of the. A variety of commonly used resin corrosion resistance shown in the table below. The corrosion resistance of modified resin and epoxy resin were similar.

8, the structure after Guo

On the basis of laying glass steel protective layer, the lower part of the ground to extend 1 O O mm, and with resin mortar or concrete acid compaction protection. The upper part of the foundation to extend more than 1 O O mm column, and the interface is not closed tight, there is a gap;

The interface, and other special-shaped angle, the cloth is cut off, the liner and the matrix paste is smooth, the laying of 1 to 2 layers of cloth increase in shear joints, make the seam sealed;

In the concrete matrix on the steel structure and other projections or accessories, should be protection from the interface, at least in the corrosion resistance of resin lap above 1 O O mm, because these are affiliated to prevent outstanding corrosion which influences the concrete matrix, resulting in pore corrosion;

The ground glass steel waterproof anti-corrosion layer, it will cover the resin mortar or concrete acid or acid magnetic plate, paving brick protective layer to prevent sharp objects, breaking the glass steel protective layer caused by acid corrosion leakage;

The interface is easy to be damaged at the corner, must increase the laying of 2 layers of cloth to be enhanced.

9, safety precautions

Because the diluent such as acetone, alcohol, xylene, styrene resin and some inflammable and explosive materials, so the construction site is strictly prohibited fire and gas cutting and welding;

The number of resin and curing agent with strong irritation and toxicity, should prevent contamination of skin and eyes. Should wear windproof glasses and gloves when construction, once into the eye, rinse with water immediately sent to hospital for an hour, necessary to prevent inhalation of poisoning, the site should be good ventilation or exhaust work, the staff should wear masks.

10, the glass steel door

The advantages of

The beautiful appearance. In addition, phenolic furan resin FRP, the rest look bright and transparent. If necessary. We can add various pigment paste made of colored glass steel;

The protection of foundation, wall board, does not occupy space, good protection effect, waterproof layer and can make the ground, saving process,

The inner wall of the electrolytic bath, a lead lined glass steel tank with long service life, the tank wall does not bear copper particles. Electrolytic leakage phenomenon of electrolyte decreased significantly, reduce maintenance times;

The strong adaptability and can resist acid liquid corrosion, corrosion and anti acid steam;

The repair is simple, FRP and concrete matrix paste is relatively strong, early corrosion cracking only rupture repair around the hole, just cut broken hole, digging and corrosion, clean flushing with clay (putty glue) to fill holes, covered more than 2 layers of glass steel with glass cloth. Brush the surface layer glue, curing 1 D can be used.

For the shortcomings

The one-time cost is greater than the coating, 3 layers of glass cloth protective layer cost is 8 yuan / O m;

The phenolic, furan, unsaturated resin construction when ignorant, poor environment on workers health;

The large area of protection on the ground, other protective layer is added in the surface layer of glass steel.

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