How to join the aury distribution company cooperation?

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How to join the aury distribution company cooperation?

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Aury cooling tower investment cooperation

In 2016, during the annual sales of more than 10000 sets of cooling tower has become the focus of attention of the industry

You will face a golden opportunity for development --

Evaluation of Aorui cooling tower cooperation benefits:

Social results:

1, aury cooling tower service throughout the country and the food, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, brewing, air conditioning, injection molding, rubber industry and scientific research institutions, by the users trust and praise.

2, the company aury dissemination through the media to expand public awareness, establish a good social image of enterprises and products.

3, actively expand the dealers across the country, participating in the exhibition industry, we gather a huge market value and infinite business potential.

4, with the annual Aorui design institutions in scientific research and development, the front technology investment has maintained long-term cooperation. The application of new technologies in the field has been walking in front of the industry, made its own contribution to the promotion and application of new technology.

Business benefits:

1, according to the company's budget, aury company's brand and new clients to pull, an annual increase of 30 million yuan for the company's sales performance.

2, according to a number of related statistics, the annual value of brand to Aorui 25%----------35% margin growth, rapid promotion of brand value, can significantly improve the rapid development of the industry of the company.

3, to create Fuyuan aury brand value, aury company in cooperation with CCTV advertising, bring direct and effective image and greatly increase the content of brand value, enhance product value.

4, Baidu, 360, Alibaba, Sogou promotion platform for cooperation, promote the development of potential customers, Aorui products, brought together national merchants, show Orestes style. A set of design / development / service / marketing / sales / customer service in one of the diversified development.

5, through the national investment cooperation, bring more vitality to the company at the same time, will also bring huge opportunities for the business cooperation. To promote the exchange of technology between the industry, and provide a strong platform for mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

Personal benefit:

1, you and Aorui companies, may be cross industry, cross domain, our cooperation is extensive industry exchange platform, the income of the individual's cognition and stimulating effect is remarkable, effective.

2, every industry has the characteristics of the industry, but the cooperation can be found into the point, learn a new way of operation is crucial.

3, you will be deeply and Orin each field of the society, bring prosperity to all areas, win-win strategy is the need of development of era.

4, increase the added value of their products, expand market share.

Cooperation mode:

Retail, agent, cooperation.

(according to the needs and requirements of the consultative cooperation partners, to enable the company to maximize the resource utilization of partners and get more return!)

The company's return:

☆ It returns (qualify as authorized dealers, exercising more power)

☆ To return (in the propaganda of television advertising, network promotion, print media, outdoor advertising, exhibition and other activities on the show)

☆ Some enterprises in return. (for large sales partners, direct rebate)


The enterprise maximize the social popularity of the brand, let more people understand more about cooperative enterprises, cooperative enterprises brand, more effective to enhance brand awareness, make the brand more valuable, deepening brand influence. Through investment cooperation, deepen cooperation of customers business awareness, build a bridge between the brand and the consumer.


The above is a preliminary cooperation program, intends to cooperate please call:

The company hotline: 0536-4332681

Wang: 13608958861

(welcome to join)

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