Maintenance and maintenance of cooling tower?

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Maintenance and maintenance of cooling tower?

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About maintenance

1) V belt blower has slightly elongation in the initial run, please adjust according to the essentials, adjust the belt tension, if too tight, will damage the bearing, caused by the accident.

2) please once a month, regular cleaning and upper and lower water tank water hole filter etc..

3) please loosen the belt transport Hugh, blower bearing gas, and cover motor. Determine the belt tension in the initial operation, the locking nut, and gas in the air blower bearing part, in addition to confirm whether the bird's nest or foreign tower, and then start to run.

4) at least two times a year above water exchange cycle.

5) after the evaporation of the circulating water, dissolved in water will leave, the water concentration increases, the water is concentrated after corrosion increases, increasing scale, the low ability of cooling tower, piping and equipment damage. In order to prevent this, suggested off part of a method to solve the problem of circulating water:

The operation of the drain valve to open only one point (operation stop please turn off the drain valve);

The lower part of the cleaning tank and water regularly;

The operation of the water level rise, often overflow;

The automatic water changing device assembly.

Winter sports attention when Hugh

1) emissions of circulating water and water distribution.

2) closed places, please open the drain valve of circulating water drainage, exhaust port, water pump.

Note the operation in winter

In winter, the motor current will increase, please note.

In order to prevent freezing of lower tank, please use antifreeze heaters.

Water pump, piping insulation work and make use of the heater, the lower tank water level.

In order to prevent the closed type cooling tower tube (radiator) and spread the freezing of water, please pay attention to the following points:

In order to prevent freezing of the circulating water in the circulating water, please add antifreeze or antifreeze, adding an auxiliary electric heater in piping.

Second, with the frozen liquid, the freezing temperature decreased, not easy to freeze. The higher the concentration of the frozen liquid, freezing temperature is decreased, but the thermal conductivity will decrease, therefore, should pay attention to in the selection of cooling tower. And if Water Leakage, make-up water will dilute the frozen liquid, the freezing temperature rise, please note.

The operation of circulating water pump, heating antifreezing heater, water will not freeze. If the water circulation pump is stopped on the occasion, in addition to auxiliary circulating water pump, here we propose to use the defroster set (including auxiliary circulating pump, antifreeze heaters, piping).

The circulating water system is provided with 3 direction valve in circulating water through the bypass pipe to control the capacity of the occasion, if you increase the bypass pipe flow, will reduce the tube flow, also may be a load will be generated when freezing. Please set the minimum quantity of circulating water cooling tower.

In order to prevent the freezing of water pump and water piping, use antifreeze heaters to keep the lower water temperature.


1) must read operation, operation, operation and maintenance instructions before operation, please comply with the prohibitions, operation essentials.

2) do not run into the cooling tower. And not to climb the tower body.

3) fan can run, absolutely not to touch the fan.

4) antifreeze heater will heat, please do not use hand to touch.

5) please don't drink the water into the cooling tower, please immediately flush eyes. After the operation, please rinse, wash your hands.

6) the tower with a warning label, label, please follow the label recorded content.

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