How to achieve energy-saving cooling tower?

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How to achieve energy-saving cooling tower?

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A cooling tower and energy saving method:

The core technology of energy saving cooling tower cooling tower is to replace the original motor, speed reducer, transmission shaft and other components for hydraulic turbine, the system is wasted in excess of kinetic energy into mechanical energy, directly driving the fan to rotate.

Two, energy-saving cooling tower, will not adversely affect the system now?

Energy saving status:

1, do not change the overall structure of the circulating cooling water system, circulating water pump does not change the state of;

2, the transfer of the cooling tower energy saving is not energy, will not increase the power of the pump, just make full use of excess energy in the system to promote the turbine, driving the fan to rotate, to achieve energy saving;

3, after the transformation of the fan shaft power input to ensure constant fan speed constant, no other changes in the cooling tower under the condition of constant air volume;

4, the cooling effect will be better, the water temperature T2 after cooling will reduce, the difference will increase.

Maybe now we are most concerned about is not increasing the pump power, the structure is not the transformation of cooling tower, the end is come from energy? According to the principle of energy conservation, energy cannot be created. Of course, YingZhuo cooling tower water turbine (Dian hua4OO622##3696) also can be made. It is fully recycled water circulation system in itself some extra energy to drive the turbine, driving the fan to rotate.

1, each of the circulating water system of water is difficult to be accurately calculated, the process engineer calculation system of water flow, in order to production safety factors and considerations will be meet with at least 10%-20% margin based on maximum water demand to determine the pump flow - the whole system of water must be rich.

In 2, the water circulation system, each section of pipe, elbow has some resistance, the height, the cooling tower heat transfer components, resistance and pressure requirements will produce resistance in the system, the resistance cannot be calculated accurately, so the process engineer calculation of the resistance value is just a rough according to the data, this value in determining the pump head, considered safer to meet production needs, on the basis of numerical calculation in the resistance of the meet at least 10%-20% margin selection - the entire circulatory system in the head must be rich, rich flow and lift is that we can use energy.

Three, the excess energy will be reflected in where?

1, the circulating water pump before the pump, the pump after the general installation of valves. The valve has two functions to regulate the flow, convenient maintenance. Note: due to the flow and lift of the circulating water system design in more than the actual needs. According to the characteristic curve of water pump, the rich head will eventually be transformed into flow. The increase of flow rate will cause the pump current is increased, and exceed the rated current of pump. The valves in the system have a certain degree of closure, so the valve will consume some pressure.

The actual temperature is 2, the circulating water system are often the standard temperature is less than the design of the chemical system for more than 6-8 degrees. According to the relationship between the actual heat and water cycle: Q = C? M? T, when the actual measured temperature of the circulating water system is less than the design standard of temperature, water flow is greater than that required by the system of water, resulting in a large number of rich energy system.

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