The difference between open and closed cooling tower for cooling tower

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The difference between open and closed cooling tower for cooling tower

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1, the principle of cooling cooling tower is through the circulating water to spray, spray to PVC filler, the water and air contact, achieve heat transfer, another fan drive the air circulation, and the water after heat exchange with the hot air flow, thereby cooling.

This cooling method, the first phase of the investment is relatively small, but higher operating costs (water consumption and power consumption).

2, the cooling principle of closed cooling tower is two cycles, is simply: an inner loop, an outer loop. No packing, the main core part of copper cooler.

The internal circulation: docking with the object, form a closed circulation system (circulating medium for soft water). As the object of a cooling device, the object of heat to the cooling unit.

The circulation: in cooling tower, cooling tower cooling for itself. Not with internal circulating water contact, only through the copper cooling tower for cooling heat exchanger. In the cooling mode, through the automatic control, the operation of the motor according to the temperature set.

Two cycles, in summer two season under high temperature environment, at the same time to run two cycles. Two seasons of autumn and winter temperature is not high, in most cases only one cycle.

3, usually in order to ensure the water quality, there are two ways: one is using two times water system, namely two water loop heat exchanger is arranged in the middle, end use cooling tower; the two is the use of closed cooling tower. Comparing the two methods, a form of complex system, the water pump and heat exchanger system, the initial investment to increase. Secondly, due to the increase in the middle of the heat exchanger, the heat exchange efficiency, increased operating costs. In addition, the location is far greater than the two floor.

Comparison of parameters of 4, cooling tower (flow rate: 100t/h, temperature drop of 37-32 degrees)


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