Factors affecting the quality of cooling tower

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Factors affecting the quality of cooling tower

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The quality problem of glass steel cooling tower, has been the focus of interest to the user. A little bit of quality defects, some small problems appear in the process of using the might bring huge loss to the user. Good product quality is the foundation for the development of an enterprise, once the quality problems, it may fall into the situation of the doomed eternally.

The following are seven factors affecting the quality of the glass steel cooling tower, but also we need to pay attention to the.

1, the resin content: the content of resin tower (excluding gel coat layer and resin rich layer) under the control of the 45%-55%, the resin rich layer of resin content is above 70%; injection molding part in more than 65%; the female die of resin content on the molding glass steel fan blade control in 43%-50%.

2, glass steel cooling tower for cooling tower: flame retardant flame retardant requirements of the tower body using flame retardant resin, the oxygen index of not less than 26.

3, the curing degree of unsaturated polyester resin glass steel curing degree requirement is not less than 80%, epoxy resin glass steel requirements of not less than 90%.

4, fan: the fan characteristic parameters should be consistent with the design requirements, the main parts (such as motor, reducer etc.) shall comply with the relevant technical regulations.

5, glass steel cooling tower fan blade: metal fan blade surface should be smooth, no cracks, gaps, burr. The fan blade surface of the glass steel should be smooth, uniform surface transition sections, visible bubble diameter is less than 3mm, to each 100mm region, the number of bubbles is not more than 3. Connect to the attention of the local enhancement.

6, glass steel molding process conditions: molding requirements at room temperature more than 15 DEG C, relative humidity is less than 80%.

7, the bending strength of glass steel: unsaturated polyester resin glass steel bending strength of not less than 147MPa (1500kgf/cm2), the bending strength of glass fibre reinforced epoxy resin is not less than 196MPa (2000kgf/cm2).

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