The position of the cooling tower in the industry which the Oracle

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The position of the cooling tower in the industry which the Oracle

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Shandong Aorui environmental protection equipment Co. Ltd., the registered capital of 20 million yuan. Is located in Weifang city in the middle of Shandong Peninsula, is located in Anqiu City, West Ring Road and Jinshan Street Interchange, Jinshan Street South, away from the city of Anqiu toll station 2 kilometers, traffic developed, the geographical position is superior. Subordinate enterprises: Anqiu Aorui FRP Co., Anqiu cooling tower production base.

Aurelio is the largest in Shandong to the production of cooling tower based enterprises. Efficient team is now integrated R & D, production, sales and service in one of the. The company has professional and technical personnel 37 people, including college education and 4 senior engineers, 3 engineers. The company set up engineering technology research center, established a domestic first-class comprehensive laboratory and heat exchanger equipment integrated development platform. General equipment sold throughout the country, exported to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia, Africa and other more than 30 countries and regions.

The main products are: environmental protection water treatment circular counterflow cooling tower, square cooling tower, a square cross flow cooling tower, cooling tower, reinforced concrete frame steel structure cooling tower, energy-saving cooling tower, spray cooling tower, cooling tower, power turbine cooling tower, closed cooling tower, evaporation condenser, air cooler and other ten series of more than 600 varieties; production equipment: dosing device, filter, water softener equipment etc..

The main products are: glass steel glass steel cooling tower, glass steel tank, ventilation pipe, water tank, grille, panel, lighting tile, aquaculture tank, glass steel products etc..

The company has introduced the world advanced equipment, process and technology, and has passed the national certification. The company with more than a dozen domestic design institutes and more than 30 import and export trading company partnership, perennial for supporting the cooling tower equipment, environmental protection equipment and related products. Cooling tower, environmental protection equipment manufacturing company can be widely used in water treatment equipment, iron and steel, cement, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, medicine, food, heating, mining, coking, paper and other industries.

"The company is willing to advanced technology and equipment, high quality products, perfect customer service service, sincerely cooperate with you to create a better tomorrow! Welcome domestic and foreign merchants to come to visit our company to negotiate cooperation!

Purpose: quality aury, Aorui innovation!

Aury Chinese vision: create brand, build first-class quality!

Shandong AoruiShandong Aorui
Shandong AoruiShandong Aorui
Shandong AoruiShandong Aorui
Anqiu Aorui glass steel Co. Ltd.In a corner of Anqiu Aorui workshop
Anqiu cooling tower production baseA corner shop production base

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