How to realize the energy saving of cooling tower

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How to realize the energy saving of cooling tower

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Product overview

1, application: circulating water cooling technology products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, salt, coal, smelting, rubber, food, air conditioning, injection molding, medicine, brewing, printing and dyeing industry.

2, product features: applicable to the work of water uneven industrial circulating water system with limited space.

3, product type: single specifications: 30 m3/h, 50m3/h 70, m3/h, 80 m3/h, 100 m3/h

Working principle

Square counterflow cooling tower adopts gas heat exchange technology to realize the cooling effect.

Industrial water achieve uniform water distribution through the spray tower system, filling channel unique, the water to form a water film flowing in large area at the surface, from the top of the fan from the bottom into the cold air entering the filler layer, so that the air can quickly take away the heat from the water for heat exchange, heat from the top fan pumped to achieve cooling effect.

product mix

Building and construction materials

FRP (reinforced fiberglass polyester material)

304 stainless steel plate

Galvanized steel

Optional silencer

Low noise fan

Drop impact absorber


Fin type

PP material, the temperature of 120 DEG C

PVC material, the temperature of 60 DEG C

Wood, high temperature


The new square cooling tower parameter table

ModelCooling water (m3/h)The inlet pressure (MPa)Length * width * height (mm)Fan diameter (mm)Air volume (m3/h)Motor power (kw)The weight (kg)Operation weight (kg)The noise value of dB (A)Remarks

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