Cooling tower selection considerations

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Cooling tower selection considerations

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The cooling tower selection notice:

1, please indicate the specific type of cooling tower selection, or per hour processing flow.

2, the cooling tower inlet temperature and outlet water temperature.

3, please explain what equipment coolimatchng, to the site have a recycling pool, on-site installation conditions.

4, if you need spare parts and other accessories, there are no other requirements, please specify.

5, please use the very conditions environment and specific circumstances, in order to choose the appropriate type of cooling tower.

6, special circumstances, please indicate the type, technical agreement contract, specially designed.

With the selection of cooling tower:

1, we must first determine the inlet temperature of the cooling tower, so as to choose the standard type cooling tower, cooling tower in temperature or high temperature type cooling tower.

2, determine the use of equipment or in accordance with the situation of noise requirements, you can choose the crossflow cooling tower or counterflow cooling tower.

Selection of cooling tower 3, according to the flow of cooling water or water chiller refrigeration machine, cooling water flow is greater than the general cooling tower cooling machine.

Try to choose the same type of cooling tower 4, multiple parallel.

Secondly, attention should be paid to the selection of cooling tower:

The tower structure material 1, the cooling tower should be stable, durable, corrosion resistance, with precise assembly.

2, uniform water distribution, wall flow, less spray device choosing reasonable, easy to plug.

3, cooling tower packing type with water quality, water temperature.

4, fan matching, to ensure long-term normal operation, no vibration and abnormal noise, and leaf water erosion resistance and sufficient strength. The fan blade angle can be adjusted, but to ensure the consistent point of view, and the current of the motor does not exceed the rated current of the motor.

5, low power consumption, low cost, small and medium sized steel frame glass cooling tower also requires light quality.

6, the cooling tower should be avoided in the layout of heat source, exhaust gas and flue gas, chemicals and coal pile yard nearby.

Between the 7 and the cooling tower or tower and other buildings in the distance, in addition to considering the tower tower and building ventilation requirements, mutual influence, should also consider the construction and maintenance of safety distance and the cooling tower fire and explosion building requirements.

8, the cooling tower inlet direction can be rotated according to 90 degrees and 180 degrees, 270 degrees.

9, the cooling tower materials can be -50 degrees Celsius temperature, but for the lowest temperature lower than -10 DEG C in the order should be explained, in order to take anti icing measures. The cooling tower cost increased by about 3%.

10, the circulating water turbidity is less than 50mg/l, the short-term is not greater than 100mg/l should not contain oil and mechanical impurities, when necessary to take out algae and water quality stability measures.

11, water distribution system is designed according to the name of the water, such as water and water is the actual name of + 15% above, the order should be explained, in order to modify the design.

12, cooling tower parts in storage and transportation process, its not heavy pressure, not exposure, and pay attention to the fire. The cooling tower installation, transportation, maintenance process shall not be used in electric welding and gas welding and flame, not near the fireworks fireworks.

13, Taduota circular design, between the tower and the tower net distance should be not less than 0.5 times the diameter of the tower body. Crossflow cooling tower and countercurrent tower can be arranged in parallel.

14, the selection of pump and cooling tower should be complete, to ensure the flow, head and other process requirements.

15, when choosing a cooling tower, the same type of selection as far as possible.

In addition, the effect of cooling tower is usually measured using three indexes:

(1) t T1 T2 inlet temperature and outlet water temperature difference delta T delta cooling tower known as the temperature difference of cooling water, in general, the greater the temperature difference, the cooling effect is better. In terms of production, a t greater the production equipment required for the cooling water flow can be reduced. But if the inlet temperature of T1 is very high, even if the temperature difference between the T, water temperature after cooling is not reduced to meet the requirements, so this index is the need, but the problem is not comprehensive.

(2) after the cooling water temperature T2 and air wet bulb temperature. The proximity of delta T delta T '' =t2- t '. (c) Delta called cooling high amplitude. The smaller the value of T, the better the cooling effect. In fact, delta T cannot be equal to zero.

(3) considering the density of water in cooling tower calculation. Water drenching density refers to the amount of water that can be cooled per hour on the effective area of 1m2. Expressed in symbolic Q. Q=Q/Fm3/m2.h (Q- cooling tower flow, m3/h; F- cooling tower effective water drenching area, M2).

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